88gravity is a renowned digital marketing company offering 360-degree online marketing solutions to help brands accelerate their business in this digital era. The company came into existence in September 2019 and was co-founded by two partners, Depreet Singh Uppal and Adarsh Srivastva. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon and also has branches in Auckland, New Zealand and Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.


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88gravity is a reliable digital marketing company with a strong mission of delivering cost-effective online marketing solutions within a short turnaround time. Ever since its establishment, the company has helped various companies including A-listed, startups and independent entrepreneurs generate ROI based leads through different digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Content Marketing, Google AdWords and much more.

88gravity is a talented hub of young and dynamic professionals who believe in delivering outstanding results and make people talk about your products & services on all the leading digital platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and others. As a leading digital marketing company, 88gravity old’s expertise in offering bespoke solutions to sectors like Hospitality, Travel, Healthcare, Logistics & Supply Chain and Media Houses.

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Before the establishment of this emerging platform, both Depreet Singh Uppal and Adarsh Srivastva worked progressively for a reputed client based Google company. While working, they realized the potential in digital marketing and how the smaller companies were struggling to find a reliable digital marketing company with affordable solutions.

history of 88gravity

History of 88gravity

With the combined experience of 20+ years and profound knowledge of the existing digital scenario, both Depreet and Adarsh decided to establish a company that serves as a digital roadmap for smaller companies to encash their business and make India a leading nation in the digital ecosystem. The prime agenda was to help smaller brands, who are the backbone of the Indian economy, reap the maximum benefits of digital marketing but at a lower cost. This is how 88gravity came into existence.

Since the market was already flooded with hundreds and thousands of digital marketing companies, Depreet and Adarsh had to face lots of challenges. Despite all the hiccups, both managed to establish the company and within no time they started helping smaller brands achieve digital success on a larger scale. Earlier, these brands were hesitant to hire digital partners as they charged in lakhs for website designing and other online services. Plus, the companies often failed to deliver services on-time, putting the brands in great loss.

Today, 88gravity is emerging as a ray of hope for these brands and helping them with high-resolution websites and other digital marketing solutions at prices that best suit them.

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Google Adwords

Google AdWords (also called Google Ads) is a “Self-Service Advertising Program” launched by Google on October 23, 2000. This online marketing tool allows you to create and run ad campaigns for your business. The ads are created based on a specific set of keywords to target the right audience. Flexible and various customization options make Google AdWords more profitable. For example, you can also add your product images, target location, etc., along with your ad to make it more personalized and attract more customers. Google AdWords is an effective marketing strategy to generate ROI based leads and convert them into actual sales. 

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88gravity Services

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Ever wondered when there so many websites being launched on a daily basis, how does Google or other search engines like Yahoo! or Bing rank them? What are the factors that make your website search engine friendly? The answer is Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. The process of optimizing your website and its content as per the rules of SEO holds the key in increasing your ranking in all search engines.

With higher search engine ranking comes a great amount of traffic to your website, which apparently means more sales and high revenue. Unlike Google AdWords where your ads stop appearing on Google once you stop paying for them, SEO is a long-term strategy. It builds a strong foundation for attracting consistent potential customers as long as your website is live and working.  

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Social Media Marketing

Connecting and establishing a strong bond with people is always paramount for the success of any business. Today, with over 4 billion people actively using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others, it is an absolute necessity to leverage online social media marketing services. SMM service packages include running ads and campaigns across all the platforms through high quality and engaging content. SMM also helps you in increasing your brand awareness and foster brand loyalty by targeting the right kind of audiences who are genuinely interested in buying your products or services.

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88gravity Services

Web Development

If you desire a strong and professional online presence, then a powerful, retina ready website is a must. A website is a digital face of your company showcasing all the services and products you offer in a creative manner. A website design & development team looks after every minute aspect of your website including the fonts, color palettes used, positioning of the icons, placement of the content, image quality and much more. Overall, the only aim of a website design & development team is to create a smooth and polished website that attracts online users to stay on your webpages and learn more about your brand. A good website works in tandem with other digital marketing services to boost your credibility.


Mission as digital marketing company

As an emerging digital marketing company, our mission is to create an advanced online marketing strategy for ambitious organizations so that they reach people’s hearts and minds. We pride ourselves in delivering perfection in everything we do right from planning, designing, and developing high performing websites. Our main motto is to establish and develop trustworthy brands that render exceptional service to customers. By leveraging advanced technologies and the latest marketing tools we help communicate your advertising message to that last reach. We give equal attention and importance to all our clients irrespective of the size of their organization and collaboration with them to produce remarkable results. 

mission of 88gravity as a digital marketing company
vision of 88gravity as a digital marketing company

Vision of 88gravity

Our vision is to be the best digital marketing company and one of the  greatest performers in the vibrant and ever-growing digital world. We want us to be pioneers in brand establishments and repositioning through outstanding leadership in public relations and influencer marketing. We are pledged to deliver innovative and effective digital marketing solutions and ensure the complete growth of your brand even at the international platform. 88gravity team loves meeting new people and giving life to their ideas through a host of brand building services. Completing the task with sheer dedication and honesty without compromising on the quality is what we strive for. 

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