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Project Introduction
Project Introduction

Potential clients come with their requirements & help us to understand their business. Together we work to transform client organizations

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Research & Concept

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Project Delivery

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content marketing agency in gurgaon - digital marketing services

What is Content Marketing?

Crafty Compelling content invites users to your page, generating interest through catchy text. A website with content invites users rather than asking users to visit. As a marketing agency, we understand the need of good content. Content Marketing Services are strategic long term approach to improve a brand’s trust and credibility amongst its audience. Content marketing is more effective and also costs less.

Investing to understand the needs and requirements of your target audience and then building on a content strategy to solve their needs will go a long way. It will garner unhindered attention and drive crazy amount of sales

All business should regularly work on their content marketing strategy in order to serve their target audience with useful and consumable content.

We offer a comprehensive content plan digital marketing needs of your business. Our services include research, ideation and creation of winning content for all marketing collaterals.

What is Social Media Marketing?

An account on any of the social media platforms is now a thing that even kids can create but  managing them is another thing. 88gravity can help you to manage all your social media account with the help of expert and dedicated social media experts. As a part of social media services, we offer our clients to optimize their content to achieve the recognition and popularity they deserve.

We take over your social media platforms and leverage them to the next level with advertising, SEO and content marketing. We organize and manage your social media campaigns to ensure high amount of ROI.

We can also help to measure the performance of your social media channels  through insights and analytics tool. Customized analytics report help us to gain an insight in the target audience mind in order to create similar content which garners high interest and generate huge ROI.

social media services in gurgaon - digital marketing services

What is Brand Identity?

Just as an individual’s personal identity sets him apart from everyone else, brand identity is the special ingredient which helps to business to stand out from every other Tom, Dick and Harry, Inc. in the crowd. And your brand identity design? It’s what shapes your company.

Brand identity communicates a lot of things with your audience such as your mission, your values, your brand personality, your USP, your brand voice with simple elements of design.

Brand Identity is also known as Online Reputation Management(ORM) and is similar to SEO process however the goals are different. ORM main aim is to promote positive or neutral message amongst the target audience about any entity, individual, brand or company rathet than generation of traffic through keywords. We can help your business to build the corporate identity it deserves amongst local and global presence to take your business to the next level.

online reputation management services in gurgaon
SEO services in gurgaon - digital marketing services

What is SEO Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO masks the process of quality and quantity improvement of a website’s traffic. The process of SEO involves pushing the visibility of a webpage on various search engines, improve ranking in Google Search results. As a strategy, Search Engine Services or SEO is a slow process but gives long term results and high ROI.

SEO can be important for your business for many reasons, It helps your business to grow its online presence and achieve multi level objectives. Advanced SEO can help you to boost your ranking and performance in SERP’s which result in increased traffic. Good SEO not only improves the ranking of your website but also helps to improve the user experience and interaction on your website.

In the SEO services package, we offer an initial review of your website, content optimization, marketing and analytics report and many more benefits.

What is Web Development?

Website Visibility: A website needs to be structured properly with all required SEO. a well-designed architecture and navigation based on user research and behavior on website can result in reduction of bounce rate.

Website Security: A good website is also the target of many people and your competitors to bring you down therefore security of website through privacy policy, safety certifications is a must.

Optimal User Experience: Users lose interest in slow website and Google recommends web pages load in 3 seconds or less

Mobile Friendly: The target audience today checks everything on their handy device, i.e. Smartphone. A good website if not mobile friendly can fail miserably in young audience

Our team will help your business to grow through Web Development Services to make sure your website visible to the target audience, ranks in the associated keyword result. the website also needs to be mobile friendly, secure and offer fast user experience.

What is Google Adwords Services?

Google Adwords, better known as Google Ads wherein advertisers bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google search. In a nutshell, Google Adwords Services is something that will help your business to gain more traffic, more results and in return new leads.

Any Google Ad before being placed needs to have extensive keyword research in order to identify those keywords that will give you a larger number of enquiries. Post keyword analysis, a bid needs to be placed on those keywords which will result in Great ROI. Once final keywords are in place, a catchy title and description to attract viewers online and last but not the least, regular analysis of these keywords and Ads.

All the above steps together effectively will give your business a boost you would have never imagined and we at 88gravity will help you reach there with our dedicated Google Adwords team.

Google Adwords Services in gurgaon - digital marketing services

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