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Education is an important field in today’s time and a rewarding field, be it a student, teachers, faculties, etc. Over the years it has been observed that students highly rely on the search engine results data to choose a college or a course for further studies which has prompted owners and managers of educational institutions are willing to use SEO for school colleges. This enables to reach out to their target audience effectively and give a boost their sales and revenue. A professional and well experienced SEO agency dealing with SEO for school colleges is the need of the hour for all the entrepreneurs.

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SEO for educational websites

SEO for Educational Websites

The field of education is very different from other sectors of the economy and hence the SEO skills and techniques for this sector are also very different. Students and other people invested in this field have very specific keyword queries for schools, colleges, departments, program and streams. Keeping this reason in mind, SEO for Educational Websites needs in-depth and extensive keyword research to meet the requirements of the brand. 88Gravity can be the perfect choice to suit your needs, build your brand presence and also not pinch your pocket while you grow.

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SEO Services for Schools and Colleges

A very apt to ask as a pool of choices are available in the market to choose from, but what we offer might not be with everybody. Our team consists of professionals with complete in-depth knowledge of the education sector. As your SEO agency, we will give you a team that has a piece of extensive knowledge about how to tame the keywords for SEO for educational websites, website creation & optimization, local SEO, Organic search traffic, online campaigning. Our SEO team looks after and corrects all the drawbacks in your online marketing.

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What We Offer in SEO

Enhanced Keyword Research

In Depth and extensive keyword research with SEO optimized creative content assets.

Monitoring and Improvement

Constant monitoring of online campaigns and also look for room of improvements in their performance

Website Management

Properly Written, on point content which work to improve search ranking along with regular audit improve any shortcomings

Competitor Lookout

Regular analysis of your competitors to know where your position against top competitors locally and globally

Custom SEO plans

We work and create a custom strategy with all SEO elements to maximize the brand visibility

On Page and Off Page Services

Audit and Optimization of existing web pages to increase their viability as per latest SEO trends.


Read Most Frequent Questions

What is SEO for Educational Websites?

Education in today's time has come a long way from the old rote learning methods and even students have gone digital to make their choices about further studies. Putting together a regular website to garner attention won't be enough.

What Content is required for SEO for Schools and Colleges?

Varied types of content such as Blogs, Infographics, Videos, eBooks, Alumni Reviews, Articles and student testimonials are used to build the credibility of an Educational Website is used. Mix and match of SEO tricks and content is what helps a brand to reach and tap the required audience.

What is the need of SEO for Educational Websites and Colleges?

Content and SEO Marketing is all about building the trust in a student's mind to make you as a choice for his further studies and career building option. Trust and credibility is created with well written website content and great SEO practices for visible ROI.

What took so long for SEO for Educational Sector to become a viable strategy?

With abundance of choices as private and government options available in front of the students, it has become difficult for them to make viable choice. Tapping into the potential of this opportunity is what brought the entrepreneurs of school colleges online to connect with their audience.

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